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Got your eye on a premium resort property? The HelloCREDIT Program offers 0% financing to students and people with little to no credit history so that they can begin to establish a great credit foundation!

Credit can either be a blessing or a curse depending on how you manage it. If utilized poorly, you can quickly dig yourself into a hole. If utilized the way most successful people do, you will use it to create opportunities for yourself.

Unfortunately, more often than not when people are first establishing their credit they don’t understand this crucial difference or how to make credit work for themselves. So many people end up getting high-interest credit cards and then go on a lobster or steak dinner binge, and then end up paying an insane amount of interest on it for the next three years. We don’t think any surf and turf is that great!

What we do think is great, and extremely intelligent, is building your credit with the best possible thing that a person can have showing on their credit report, a piece of real estate. It’s especially smart when you acquired your vacation real estate property at a huge discount off the retail price and are paying 0% interest on it thanks to our HelloCREDIT Program.

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You can qualify for up to $5,000 in VacayBucks on a HelloCREDIT line without us even checking your existing credit! Our HelloCREDIT Program is designed to help students and people with little to no existing credit, begin to establish good credit history. Which is why we offer 0% financing, because high interest rates are the leading cause of people getting buried in credit debt that they can never pay off.